Precautions to be taken while choosing Diamond Rings

Gifts are the most valuable things which everyone enjoys irrespective of age. If the gift is diamond, then the enjoyment has no limits. Normally to gift an item you don’t require an occasion, but if the gift is Diamond Ring then definitely the moment the gift is being given becomes an occasion. That is the specialty of a diamond ring.

Precautions to be taken while choosing Diamond Rings

Budget: Normally jewelry made out of any type of metal has a power of attraction. If the jewelry contains diamond, then check your budget levels.Only after you decide your budget levels go out for shopping because the moment you see a diamond ring, it will be so tempting that you cannot resist buying it.Your budget levels act a speed breaker and will caution you while spending more.

Cost: Normally diamond has an independent value but the metal used along with it to cover decides the cost of the diamond ring that is increases the cost of the whole jewelry.For instance, a diamond when inserted in silver metal is less costly than when it covered with gold. So the cost of jewelry depends on what you choose.

Size: A diamond ring fits perfectly if the proper size of the finger is taken. It may be loose or tight if the measurement is improper.Always ensure you take the measurement of the finger for whom you are planning to gift because if the gift you are presenting is not okay, then it will disappoint you as well as the person you are gifting.

Finishing: Normally diamonds have sharp edges. When diamond rings are purchased, their finishing has to be ensured. Because your gift should not hurt anyone physically.A proper polishing has to be done after it is inserted in silver or gold metal.

So if you are planning to purchase a diamond ring then let me caution you that it is pretty expensive and when such an expensive item is purchased, a proper care has to be care in choosing the right store dealing with diamonds. Worried about the right store, then Diamond Club solves all your queries and problems related to purchase of diamond jewelry.


Perth is a beautiful city in central Scotland which is located on the River Tay. The tastes and preference of the people staying here is so good that it has helped the jewelry craftsmen to create new things to satisfy their customers.The jewelry stores here have ready-made diamond rings which can be purchased and worn instantly.But in case you don’t like the designs, then you can get diamond rings made based on your own designs.The craftsmen here are very talented in customized jewelry also. The cost of the Custom Jewellery Perth depends on the design and the material you prefer.

Growing demand of diamond wholesaler in Perth

Diamonds are considered as precious gemstone from the ancient times and also have some religious values. In earlier world, they were used in engraving tools. Due to new polishing techniques, better cutting and increased supply, there was a rise in the usage of diamond from 19th century. One of the main contributors of increasing the world economy is diamond. Diamonds have become one of the most renowned gemstone in contemporary world with the help of successful and innovative advertising campaign in the whole world.

Diamond is one of the most commonly used gemstone in today’s world. Diamonds hold an amazing and a special place in the heart of every person and everyone wants to adore it. Everyone buys different kinds of diamonds in the form of different jewelleries like ear rings, rings and necklace etc. But some people do not know that fact that it is really difficult to select a particular diamonds and actually it is.

One has to consider and focus on some necessary things before selection of the particular diamond. While choosing an adore diamond piece, one should always keep it in mind about the taste and style of the wife. If the wife is of simple and lower profile nature then the diamond selection should be different and if the wife is not less than a diva then always go for the chic styled diamond and in a good polished form.


One of the most important requirements of any diamond is that a white should completely pass through the diamond and disperse in different colors. One can get the best jewellers like jewellers in Perth which have the diamonds consisting of specific characteristic features. Most of the times, diamonds are colourless but the perfect colourless diamond also looks very beautiful. It means the beauty of the diamond is inversely proportional to the imperfections of the diamond which means that the beauty of the diamond would increase with the decreased imperfections in the diamond. The diamond would be clearer when the diamond have better cuts at the better places.

Always go for checking the weight of the diamond before purchasing it and it is the most important thing in buying the diamond. Diamonds are the one which after getting attached to a solid base like gold, silver etc. and then it turns into a diamond jewellery. Always select the diamond which completely suits the person’s skin tone and nature. Although there are several deals which deals in the diamond like diamond wholesaler Perth and can get the best, certified diamond from them but the diamond should be certified by the certification laboratory so as to raise the higher resale value.

Attractive Perth jewellery and diamond rings from Diamond club

For the fashion conscious people among you who like to set trends and yet are not willing to sacrifice classiness, sophisticated jewellery and rings can be a statement. When it comes to gifts and personal possessions, a diamond is just in a class of its own. Their quality, design and the exclusivity of it all is priceless. Diamond jeweller has a tradition of being in the family for generations as diamonds are forever. With time, the design and cutting of the diamond has evolved a lot. And there are many new designs available today from the conventional classic design that many people still vouch for.

About The diamond club

The diamond club is a family business of diamond jewellery that has been running for generations. They value customers and class and quality is unmatched when it comes to their products. Situated in the Perth, on the west of Australia, the diamond club is one of the most honorable among all the Perth jewellery and diamond ring shops. Their inevitable reputation precedes them. When you are buying from them, you can be sure that you are dealing with high class quality importers of diamond in the area. The diamond club is associated with only the best diamond mines and cutters in the globe. They purchase directly and for this, you can get your diamond at a much less price than anywhere else.

Need another reason to buy from us?

The Diamond Club provides unmatched quality diamonds at reduced rates. None of our products have a long shelf life. If you are still not convinced yet, here are a few other reasons to buy your diamonds from us.
2-copy-300x300The diamond club is an internationally certified brand. So you get high quality guaranteed diamonds engagement rings Perth. We are not just a local brand and deal all around the globe. And you get the products art wholesale price. You cannot get better deals anywhere else that is our guarantee.

Product variety:

The diamond club has the largest diamond database in the entire world. There are above a million diamonds worth over 8 billion dollars are available at our stores at any time. If you cannot find what you are looking for at our store, it doesn’t exist.If you are looking for class, abundance and price range all under one roof; then the diamond club is your go to place. We are certified dealers in diamonds and these certificates are issued by international authorities such as Gemological institute of America, diamond certification laboratory of Australia, International gemological institute to name a few.

Direct buyers from diamond mines

We are a directly associated with diamond mines of all the major international companies and cutters as well. We are one of the companies that import diamonds in large quantity directly and regularly. Because of these we can purchase them at a lower rate and hence, can provide you lower price range along the way.

Research the specifications of your engagement ring prior to buying it

It can get quite confusing for a person to choose an engagement ring. These rings have to be good quality and reflect the love that you have for your better half. But buying an engagement ring can seem overwhelming considering the choices you have in front of you and more so if you are buying online because online stores provide greater varieties. This article will help you understand the aspects which you need to research on before buying your engagement ring.


Engagement rings do not always have to be diamond rings. You can combine different materials to create your own special ring on online stores which allows customisations. You can choose a pearl ring, platinum ring or a gold ring instead of the traditional diamond ring. You can also mix it up by adding gemstones like rubies and sapphires. They are unconventional but will still be a thoughtful ring. So be specific about the material you want.


Once you have decided on the material, the next step is researching on the design. If you have any design of your own then you can submit it, otherwise you can go for the various readymade designs available. Online stores have loads of designs for you to choose from.


It is obvious that prices will play a big factor in deciding which ring you want to buy. Decide on your budget first and then go looking for your ring. Narrowing down on the budget will help to reduce the choices you have and thus will allow to make a better choice in terms of judgement for the design and the material of the ring.


Always compare rings before you buy. The comparison can be in terms of the website you are buying from because you never know whether another website will offer the same product at a lesser price. The comparison is also in terms of the design and the material of the ring, you may have selected a ring but there might be something better which suits your budget and your preferences more. Thus never settle for a ring at the first attempt, continue our search a bit longer before settling for one.

You can get engagement ring Perth and a variety of Perth wedding rings from the numerous online stores available in the internet.


Engagement rings have to be special. You cannot goof up on this. They signify the love and the commitment that you have for your special person and your choice of ring should reflect this dedication. Online stores offer engagement rings in a number of different designs and materials at a wide range of affordable prices. So everyone can afford a good ring these days.

Taking proper care of your diamond ring

In the event, that you are looking to buy your first ever diamond ring or you are shopping for a new ring to add to your collection, it is essential that you fist know how to properly take care of your prized jewellery. Diamond rings are one of the most cherished possessions that a person can own today, they are not only class, elegant and regal in their appearance but they also have a sentimental and often nostalgic value associated with it, because rings are handed down generations also. Hence, it is important that you take good care of your ring and keep them safe, and in this article, you shall learn about some easy ways to keep your diamond rings safe and clean.

1. When you are taking your ring off your fingers, remember to take it off before you apply any lotions,or any kinds of make ups, hair dyes or any form of cleaning materials and chemicals. These cosmetics can wear your ring away, so you must protect it from these chemicals.

2. You must always remove your diamond ring before you jump into a pool, a hot tub or into a Jacuzzi.It is because they contain many common bleaches and chlorine, which can stain gemstones, diamonds and metals like gold and platinum. Thus your rings will lose their shine and get stains. Chlorine is very damaging for your ring as it can weaken the bonds that hold your ring together and thus the ring can sleep off even before you take a dive.

3. Some diamond rings feature a lot of different things and are quite sophisticated in their designs. These rings require a more smart way to clean them. These rings are more glamorous and with more intricate designs so they require meticulous cleaning them. The best way you can keep this ring clean is by getting them cleaned by professional jewellers. But you can also use glass cleaner, easily available in your home,to clean your rings and give them a sparkling shine and glow. You can just soak your diamond rings in a cup of glass cleaner, and then gently scrub the ring with a soft toothbrush. Then rinse it in cold water. Remove to do it with the stopper placed inside the sink because it will prevent your ring from slipping down the drain.

You can get beautiful Diamond Rings Perth and Jewellery Shops Perth.


Diamond rings need proper care and cleaning to sustain their shine and increase their longevity.

Designer engagement rings for gorgeous couples at wholesale prices in Perth

A symbol of love and bond between two people engagement rings are very special gift to anyone. Surely you will be amazed by lovely and personalized diamond engagement rings with exceptional quality and affordable prices.

If you want to give surprise with an impressive rock on a yellow gold or diamond ring for your fiancé even he/she can change his/her preferred design later. If you want you can design your master piece. Whatever your wish you will have it so, you can craft your perfect engagement ring to fulfill your dreams or to accompany your proposal.

If you want to craft designer ring for your fiancé then come to store directly together where professionals will suggest you best designs as well as they will assist in developing the wedding band ensemble or you can search online perth engagement rings where you can browse gallery or product listing according to your choice.

If you are planning for a romantic destination to Margaret River or any other enchanted places across perth or in the world, just contact to perth engagement rings, they will help you out to plan and create perfect engagement ring ceremony and they will complete your special moment beautifully. They will help you in replacement, repair, cut, clarity, carat, and color. And you will love the wholesale prices or diamond wholesale perth.

You can have anyone for your special one:

• Aquamarine rings

• Emerald rings

• Pearl rings

• Tungsten rings

• Black diamond rings

• Amethyst rings

• Blue topaz rings

• Ruby rings

• Zirconium rings

• Morganite rings

• Blue diamond rings

• Vintage style rings

• Green diamond

• Peach pink diamond rings

• Brown diamond solitaire

• Sand blasted platinum engagement rings

• Solitaire with different shapes available for engagement

• Sapphire rings

• Tanzanite engagement rings

• Tourmaline engagement rings

• Semi precious stone rings and lot more options available for your better half.

What makes Perth Diamond Brokers different?

• Design

• Quality

• Certified diamond graders in-house

• Price

• Value for money

• Care and Attention

• Service, contact, communication

• Knowledge and experience etc

Don’t bound yourself to a small number of diamond brokers in Perth. Just browse list of diamond wholesale Perth and find your dream ring that you want to craft for your fiancé.

You will access other benefits too.

• Resizing

• Repairs

• Expert advice

• Certified diamonds and precious gemstones

• Jewellery made with your precious diamonds, metals & gems

• Valuations

• Insurance replacements etc.

Lavish diamond wedding rings for couples suited to your budget

Doesn’t jewellery marks the most memorable occasions of everyone’s lives? Don’t you also wish to have unique jewellery for your special day? There are various sellers for jewelleries that play an important part in celebrating the milestones of your journey. These sellers are trusted online for various designs of jewellery making and engagement ring for their exceptional quality of diamond jewellery. Wedding ring in Perth is very famous bought by their several clients.

The online sellers offer a range of jewellery, including engagement rings that will ensure people will envy you and die of jealousy after watching your beautiful jewelleries. The online jewellery designing technique also give you the ability to design your own stunning jewellery with the help of skilled diamond experts, making sure that your new jewellery represents your personal style and reflects your individuality.

Skilled jewellers always keep in mind that your special ring or watch with full of comfort and especially design part, that should be perfect and quality should be high.

If you love your wife-to-be and want her to love her engagement ring, just go for it and surprise her with a gorgeous ring with the help of the diamond wholesale in Perth as they absolutely understand because they bring engagement dreams of their clients true every day. They leave a satisfied impression on their clients.

They are passionate about educating jewellery lovers to make an intelligent investment that will be worn with love, forever. They make sure that you choose the perfect engagement ring or piece of jewellery that conveys your spirit and style while you watch you’re your exceptional jewellery attract the eyes of everyone around you.

You might also be willing to organize a surprise proposal for your girl friend with an impressive diamond ring or you may want to create a masterpiece for her with your own creativity or whatever you wish for just go to the store and design your ring and visit their website and make a quick appointment with their skilled designers and consult them. The services are really cheap and affordable for all.

I hope your special day will become even more than special with that diamond ring acting as a cherry on the top of the cake. And I can definitely guarantee you that your beautiful wife-to-be will be going to feel really special and more beautiful with this sweet gesture of yours. She will fall in love with you all over again with a thought that you worked really so hard and became creative to impress her in such an exceptional way on that great day.

So many beautiful memories of your special day are waiting for you ahead.

All the best and GOOD LUCK!


Flaunt impeccable style statement: Wedding Jewellery

Human beings have an infinite attraction towards materialistic pleasure which impart sense of aesthetical beauty and glamour. In the busy mechanical life, humans rarely get any spare time for themselves. The cobweb of the hectic schedule does every small thing to inject out life from the veins of a human. This in result makes the humans helplessly transform into a robotic genre as a whole.

We all have certain special avenues in life, yes, speaking about the occasions which add on to the majesty of life. The events can be namely the wedding day, anniversaries and the list is long enough to fill up the time schedule of life.  Special days need something to highlight its mystical note.

What makes our special days even more special?

Blessings, gifts, attire and jewellery can be the elements making your special day memorable enough to be a fossil for a life time.  So, as we mentioned, “jewellery”, let us say you about a jewellery experience which will be tattooed in your senses for a life time. If you want quality at the best price with the best whisk of designs and innovations, then perth jewellery can be an excellent choice.

Every girl aims for the best look and memoirs in their special days. The marriage signals the new beginning of life for a girl, whereas, the engagement themes to be a new thread of bondage. So, we can wonderfully conclude that ‘occasions exemplify a huge note of abstractions in a person’s life’. Everyone looks out for the best designs, unique and impeccable formats of wedding rings and bands, to make the best utility of memoirs, which will be a fossil to keep.

And Australian Jewellery shops can promise you to gift the best formats and the fossils which will be a part of your lifeline forever.

Why should one go for a jewellery shop present in Australia?

  • Reliability- You get the assured hallmarked stones and designs, which are original, distinct and unique. The companies aim to offer you best designs and range of engagement ring styles out of which you can make most suitable one.
  • Price- One can access the perfect pricing, as well as, items which will fit in your budget. .
  • Quality- You will get 100% original designs and quality, which will give you a jolt of experiences worth remembering.

Customer Support- Customer satisfaction is a priority concern for these companies.

Get variety of available options with jewellers in Perth

Jewellery is one of the most important things to define one’s personality. It reflects your sense of beautification, your understanding of aesthetics, your sense of proportion and even your outlook of life. It emits the positive approach that determines every phase of your life, whether it is your youth, mid age or the later part of your life. You may like to have a pretty necklace or you might have a perennial choice for a cute earring. No matter what you desire, the jewellers Perth will never let your hopes down. They have so much verities and versatilities that it will be quite amazing experience for you while shopping your own jewellery in Perth. Jewellery is one of the most important things to define one’s personality. It reflects your sense of beautification, your understanding of aesthetics, your sense of proportion and even your outlook of life. It emits the positive approach that determines every phase of your life, whether it is your youth, mid age or the later part of your life. You may like to have a pretty necklace or you might have a perennial choice for a cute earring. No matter what you desire, the jewellers Perth will never let your hopes down. They have so much verities and versatilities that it will be quite amazing experience for you while shopping your own jewellery in Perth.

Verities of options for you in Perth

Different jewellers have different things to offer you. Many jewellers in Perth can avail you the best quality of diamond jewellery. You may find others who will rock your mind with the latest trendy design in gold or silver ornaments. But for you, it is most important to have knowledge about the purity of gold or the genuineness of diamond. You also need to select your jeweller you can rely. It is a better option for you to talk to the people who have experience in purchasing jewelleries in the shops in Perth. Listen to their opinion and make your mind. If you keep some basic factors in mind, it will not be too difficult for you to take a right decision.

Select your jeweller prudently

You must apply your mind while selecting the jeweller you want to go and buy your desired articles. Consider few basic facts about the jeweller you are opting for.Experience in the profession of jewellery is a very important thing. You should only be convinced about the competence of the jeweller if you find that they are in this job for a substantial period of time. It is quite an acceptable parameter for you. The social and academic background of the jeweller should also be in your consideration.

Reputation is another key factor for the acceptance of a jeweller. You must talk to people regarding different jewellers in Perth, who have direct shopping experience with them. It will be easier for you to decide from their experience, in choosing your jeweller. People generally talk positively about the shop when they feel very satisfied about their shopping. So if you see that someone is recommending you about a jeweller in Perth, it is undoubtedly a very much considerable option for you.

You should also come to know about the other services your jeweller offers. Selling jewellery is not the only job of a jeweller. Now-a-days, most of the jewellers offer many other services also along with the product selling. The jewelleries are generally faded out with the course of time. So it is very important to maintain its polish and glitter in proper methodical way. See whether the jeweller offers you a free service of maintenance of the jewellery or not. If so, you can opt for it.

Finally, you must have clear idea about the product information and see if the jeweller is proving you the correct facts or not. You should also ask for the discounts and compare that with other sellers.  But truly speaking, it is the personal relation between a buyer and a seller that ultimately matters in the end especially in jewellery. So if you can have a long standing relation with your jeweller, nothing is better than that.


In light of difficult trading conditions, Jeweller has conducted a qualitative study of Australian jewellers in order to gain a better understanding of the state of the industry.
The in-depth qualitative survey polled 200 Australian jewellery retailers about a series of issues including business turnover, profitability and industry challenges. The results revealed a number of insights and have been published in the April issue, which has now been mailed.

Opal has caused division amongst jewellers for years but after being typecast as a cheap tourist souvenir, the gemstone appears to be receiving revered fame and status in the local market.

In addition, one of the world’s most valuable opals has been placed in a new home in Australia. Our story charts the journey of the Fire of Australia opal, from mining marvel to national treasure.

This month also marks the end of Jeweller’s 20-year publishing contract with the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA). An explanation of why the financial backing of the association will not continue has been provided.

Teaming up with businesses can result in a win-win outcome for all parties involved; however, striking up a winning collaboration is not always a walk in the park. The April issue outlines the steps that should be taken before, during and after a retailer partners with another business.

There’s a whole lot more in Australia and New Zealand’s #1 jewellery industry magazine, including plenty of useful advice that could help to improve sales and profitability.