Growing demand of diamond wholesaler in Perth

Diamonds are considered as precious gemstone from the ancient times and also have some religious values. In earlier world, they were used in engraving tools. Due to new polishing techniques, better cutting and increased supply, there was a rise in the usage of diamond from 19th century. One of the main contributors of increasing the world economy is diamond. Diamonds have become one of the most renowned gemstone in contemporary world with the help of successful and innovative advertising campaign in the whole world.

Diamond is one of the most commonly used gemstone in today’s world. Diamonds hold an amazing and a special place in the heart of every person and everyone wants to adore it. Everyone buys different kinds of diamonds in the form of different jewelleries like ear rings, rings and necklace etc. But some people do not know that fact that it is really difficult to select a particular diamonds and actually it is.

One has to consider and focus on some necessary things before selection of the particular diamond. While choosing an adore diamond piece, one should always keep it in mind about the taste and style of the wife. If the wife is of simple and lower profile nature then the diamond selection should be different and if the wife is not less than a diva then always go for the chic styled diamond and in a good polished form.


One of the most important requirements of any diamond is that a white should completely pass through the diamond and disperse in different colors. One can get the best jewellers like jewellers in Perth which have the diamonds consisting of specific characteristic features. Most of the times, diamonds are colourless but the perfect colourless diamond also looks very beautiful. It means the beauty of the diamond is inversely proportional to the imperfections of the diamond which means that the beauty of the diamond would increase with the decreased imperfections in the diamond. The diamond would be clearer when the diamond have better cuts at the better places.

Always go for checking the weight of the diamond before purchasing it and it is the most important thing in buying the diamond. Diamonds are the one which after getting attached to a solid base like gold, silver etc. and then it turns into a diamond jewellery. Always select the diamond which completely suits the person’s skin tone and nature. Although there are several deals which deals in the diamond like diamond wholesaler Perth and can get the best, certified diamond from them but the diamond should be certified by the certification laboratory so as to raise the higher resale value.


Attractive Perth jewellery and diamond rings from Diamond club

For the fashion conscious people among you who like to set trends and yet are not willing to sacrifice classiness, sophisticated jewellery and rings can be a statement. When it comes to gifts and personal possessions, a diamond is just in a class of its own. Their quality, design and the exclusivity of it all is priceless. Diamond jeweller has a tradition of being in the family for generations as diamonds are forever. With time, the design and cutting of the diamond has evolved a lot. And there are many new designs available today from the conventional classic design that many people still vouch for.

About The diamond club

The diamond club is a family business of diamond jewellery that has been running for generations. They value customers and class and quality is unmatched when it comes to their products. Situated in the Perth, on the west of Australia, the diamond club is one of the most honorable among all the Perth jewellery and diamond ring shops. Their inevitable reputation precedes them. When you are buying from them, you can be sure that you are dealing with high class quality importers of diamond in the area. The diamond club is associated with only the best diamond mines and cutters in the globe. They purchase directly and for this, you can get your diamond at a much less price than anywhere else.

Need another reason to buy from us?

The Diamond Club provides unmatched quality diamonds at reduced rates. None of our products have a long shelf life. If you are still not convinced yet, here are a few other reasons to buy your diamonds from us.
2-copy-300x300The diamond club is an internationally certified brand. So you get high quality guaranteed diamonds engagement rings Perth. We are not just a local brand and deal all around the globe. And you get the products art wholesale price. You cannot get better deals anywhere else that is our guarantee.

Product variety:

The diamond club has the largest diamond database in the entire world. There are above a million diamonds worth over 8 billion dollars are available at our stores at any time. If you cannot find what you are looking for at our store, it doesn’t exist.If you are looking for class, abundance and price range all under one roof; then the diamond club is your go to place. We are certified dealers in diamonds and these certificates are issued by international authorities such as Gemological institute of America, diamond certification laboratory of Australia, International gemological institute to name a few.

Direct buyers from diamond mines

We are a directly associated with diamond mines of all the major international companies and cutters as well. We are one of the companies that import diamonds in large quantity directly and regularly. Because of these we can purchase them at a lower rate and hence, can provide you lower price range along the way.

Research the specifications of your engagement ring prior to buying it

It can get quite confusing for a person to choose an engagement ring. These rings have to be good quality and reflect the love that you have for your better half. But buying an engagement ring can seem overwhelming considering the choices you have in front of you and more so if you are buying online because online stores provide greater varieties. This article will help you understand the aspects which you need to research on before buying your engagement ring.


Engagement rings do not always have to be diamond rings. You can combine different materials to create your own special ring on online stores which allows customisations. You can choose a pearl ring, platinum ring or a gold ring instead of the traditional diamond ring. You can also mix it up by adding gemstones like rubies and sapphires. They are unconventional but will still be a thoughtful ring. So be specific about the material you want.


Once you have decided on the material, the next step is researching on the design. If you have any design of your own then you can submit it, otherwise you can go for the various readymade designs available. Online stores have loads of designs for you to choose from.


It is obvious that prices will play a big factor in deciding which ring you want to buy. Decide on your budget first and then go looking for your ring. Narrowing down on the budget will help to reduce the choices you have and thus will allow to make a better choice in terms of judgement for the design and the material of the ring.


Always compare rings before you buy. The comparison can be in terms of the website you are buying from because you never know whether another website will offer the same product at a lesser price. The comparison is also in terms of the design and the material of the ring, you may have selected a ring but there might be something better which suits your budget and your preferences more. Thus never settle for a ring at the first attempt, continue our search a bit longer before settling for one.

You can get engagement ring Perth and a variety of Perth wedding rings from the numerous online stores available in the internet.


Engagement rings have to be special. You cannot goof up on this. They signify the love and the commitment that you have for your special person and your choice of ring should reflect this dedication. Online stores offer engagement rings in a number of different designs and materials at a wide range of affordable prices. So everyone can afford a good ring these days.

Get Engaged in Style with Perth Jewellers

One of the most reputed jewellers in Australia, Perth Jewellers is highly recommended and claimed for the quality of jewelleries and customer service it has to offer. No one can go wrong with the choice made with the engagement rings by Perth. Engagement ring Perth has been the most sought after rings for the occasions to be cherished.

The Diamond Club is known for its effective and efficient customer service, reliable services and best price guarantee. Having been compared with most of the jewellers, The Diamond Club stand a class apart with the myriad of choices it has to offer. They have in house gems and jewellery experts who have always provided unique and trustworthy services quotations to each customer. They are known for a meticulous analysis of diamond and offering quotes that are reliable in no time. Hence efficiency is at peak. Out of all the rings available for specific occasions, engagement ring Perth is predominant. Known for its class and pocket friendly cost, Perth Jewellers is highly preferred.

Engagement is the stepping stone to one’s new life, so why not make it memorable and classy with the spark of diamond from this trusted jeweller. There are many choices that you can choose from. They challenge the quality they offer with all the competitors in the market. This confidence they carry never lets them down. Customers visit once to visit the awesome place always. The Diamond Club has unique designs in their closet for the happy couples to make their event of engagement super awesome and memorable. The spark of the diamond in their rings is ever shining amalgamated with lots of love and trust. Engagement ring Perth is hallmark that has been set for all the engagements in the country. No one can miss to make their event the most remembered one. Who doesn’t want to show off the engagement rings and if that is one of the reasons to get the costliest ring, then engagement ring Perth is the choice you need to make.

Be proud to be associated with one of the most renowned and reputed jewellers in the town that can help you stand apart from the crowd undoubtedly. There is not an inch of possibility for you to go wrong with it as they are the quality makers and have been maintaining since inception.

Secret of the Perfect Wedding to Know

These memories can be felt by rings that convey certain message of love to each other. Many partners make their wedding complete with this rings that makes their day completely memorable and happiest than ever and beyond their thoughts.

Though we have many Perth diamonds ring shop that gives us the best products that are designed to give us a beautiful look from the day we adore our hand with it. One may find them in different designs and metals with beautiful cutting edges that give an eye catchy look to it. Another thing that is very unique about these wedding rings is that they are available in sets as a unique collection of couple rings making the both wearers feel the same in them. To the fact wedding rings is the gorgeous idea to follow by selecting online, that has many latest designs and collection from that one can have choice of rings to match with the latest ongoing fashion. Most of people are not conscious of the importance of wedding rings Perth and the way they are felt after wearing in finger.

Well, wedding rings are in pretty designs with natural pattern to give an elegant and luxurious look with the wedding dress. Just select the piece and make the special day memorable. A wedding band with perfect style and more durability is the best ring for a wedding couple who are going to be in an eternal relationship by exchanging flange wedding rings that are considered as most touchy and perfect rings to make the event special and cherished. There is a wide range of  wedding rings are available according to the couple’s choice as selecting them is a little bit hard and not an easy task. Especially, when there are different ranges and designs of diamond engagement rings Perth to select. The experience of experts says that brides are very choosy in selecting wedding rings as they love to have perfect ring that matched to their wedding dress and adores their finger all the time.

Main approach to select wedding rings

One may choose wedding rings with groom to make the perfect match as we are not going to compromise in quality and material at any cost. A client further fined the best of collection in wedding rings shop that lets him to select favorite piece without any effort. Sometimes it happens that one may try to select the best of wedding rings but fail and have what is available in store. But with a little effort and a search that is going to have the best of rings that are the new phase of traditional rings that looks fantastic when worn with any dress in a general way.

Search on google to find the best of all as the opportunity to decide that piece looks best on bride and matches with the latest changing trends in the world of fashion. Just choose from a variety of metal and color rings in affordable price in exact size to make the event more memorable with a simple twist in ancient design of wedding rings.


Tips to Buy the Best Ring for Your Partner

Rings are one of the determination and excitement for couples like that of traditional rings exchanged don special days.

Engagement rings and wedding rings are considered as a symbol of unity and perfectness. These diamond engagement rings are traditionally worn on the left hand’s third finger, as it is believed that there is a special vein on the left hand known as “the vein of love” that has been connected straight to the heart of the wearer. These diamond engagement rings are not just a piece of jewelry but a circle of love and perfection exchanged on the special day of the couples in special moment of their lives. If you are planning for your wedding soon then diamond engagement rings Perth, are the best pieces to enjoy an exciting time in life. Actually, most of the couples make certain concern to select the best rings that bring them close to each other all through their lives.

Best wedding rings for you

Do you want to have something very special for your wedding day? Yes, everyone wish the same like wedding rings, dress that is the first thing designed to start the planning of the wedding day. There is a lot of importance behind wedding rings as they symbolize love, devotion, faithfulness, unity, and other similar feelings. It is said that diamond ring Perth are special when compared to other event rings as these rings suit to the personality and style of the bride and groom making it a statement of love and happiness. Nothing can make the definition of wedding rings better than rings, which are not as common as these rings look but take special place in the hearts of wearers. You find varied types of wedding rings online with varied designs and cost, which are fair to purchase.

Main idea behind rings

Every single wedding bands or rings have a type of finish at the angles and edges with careful testing and design to make it look attractive and awesome on your finger. The set of diamond ring in Perth is innovative crafted with cleverly beveled sidewalls, a nice coating process and layers of protection to every diamond engagement rings. This collection of diamond ring in Perth last longer, gives more comfort and looks better that makes you proud to wear it by your partner in remembrance of special moments of life.

Suitable for both the genders

Wedding bands are suitable for both men and women and even normally worn by people who are outdoors all the time for activities and for hunting and other trekking activities. You can bring home the best of wedding diamond rings of which are crafted with lightweight metals and features good designs that attract you to it. Each and every ring available in wedding ring shop that is designed by keeping in mind the commitment these diamond engagement rings like to given in quality, which is an identity of rings to the whole. Commitment of manufacturers is what presented in quality and this is what continued from years to develop in rings and accessories.


Make Your Wedding Plans Fantastic with a Perth Wedding Ring

You can also purchase Wedding rings from online from a number of great sites in affordable price. In case, you are in a relationship then buy your partner a wedding rings and make your relation

Engagement rings and wedding rings are considered as a symbol of unity and perfectness as they are traditionally worn on the left hands third finger, as it is believed that there is a special vein on the left hand known as the vein of love which is connected directly to the heart of the wearer. Actually, most of the couples make certain concern to select the best rings that bring them close to each other all through their lives.

Best Perth wedding rings for you

It is said that wedding rings are special when compared to other event rings as they suit to the personality and style of the bride and groom making it a statement of love and happiness. Nothing can make the definition of wedding rings better than diamond ring Perth, which is not as common as they look but take special place in the hearts of wearers. You find different types of wedding rings in wedding with different designs and cost which are fair to purchase.

Main idea behind Perth rings

Perth rings are one of the determination and excitement for couples like that of traditional rings exchanged don special days. Every single Perth wedding bands or rings have a type of finish at the angles and edges with careful testing and design to make it look atatrctive and awesome on your finger. The collection with Perth wedding rings shop is innovative crafted with cleverly beveled sidewalls, a nice coating process and layers of protection to every ring. They last longer, gives more comfort and looks better that makes you proud to wear it by your partner in remembrance of special moments of life.

Different type of rings

Gemstone rings have been replaced all heavy metal rings such as gold, diamond etc. Now Gemstone is the favorite choice of majority. Diamond engagement rings Perth are available in many colors, many shapes and in every possible size. You can even order it according to your size. You can even choose from selection of unique engagement rings, if your partner will appreciate it. These days even men take great care of their style be it their cloth or any accessory thus, keeping that in mind manufacturers of wedding rings also offers special wedding rings for men in affordable price. You can choose it from great collection available in market according to your mens style.


The Diamond Store- The Ultimate Store for Jewellery

Everyone wants to have the best set of jewellery for their wedding or any other occasion. When it comes to jewellery, you would obviously want to have the finest set of jewellery with its quality of the highest order. But quality is not the only thing that is important, it is also necessary that the jewellery is not that costly because no one would obviously want the cost to be more than the budget. Another thing that is important is the certification. Yes, the jewellery you buy should be certified and that’s what gives a sense of belief. Certification is one thing that determines the quality of a product and more important it becomes when it comes to jewellery. Off course you would never want to have your wedding ring which does not look attractive and appealing. So, it becomes more necessary to rely on the most reliable stores. If you are in search of such a store then you can contact us.

We have a long list of high quality jewellery just for you. We have high quality Perth loose diamonds in store. These can be used in engagement and wedding rings. We have all sort of jewellery for all kinds of occasion. Moreover, all our products are internationally certified and of high quality. Even you may want to have your own customized ring either for engagement or wedding or for your loved one. So, we are even highly specialized in this field of custom designing and manufacturing gold, platinum and diamond rings. We have diamond engagement rings Perth which can even be customized according to your choice. One can also adorn oneself with the traditional jewellery as we have all designs of jewellery for you. That’s not just what we have for you. We provide everything at wholesale rates. It is the combination of price and quality that makes us different from others. Moreover all our designs are unique and appealing.

Surely, this kind of service is something that is very rare. Customer satisfaction is one thing that is placed at the top of the queue. To maintain that we have everything in store which can really serve your purpose to the fullest at affordable prices.

Diamond Jewellery for All Occasions

Diamonds are the closest friends of girls. When it comes to wedding one thing that girls like to have is diamonds and jewellery. Wedding is something that clearly all girls look forward to. Wedding is the ultimate occasion of bliss and happiness. It that case, to make the occasion even more wonderful, what can be better than to have diamonds on that d-day? On that very important day, it is very important for the girl to turn up into bridal finery. So, you can never miss out on jewellery and specially diamonds. The occasion being the day to adorn oneself with choicest bridal dresses, it is also important to adorn oneself with the fitting attractive diamond jewellery. Jewellery should be bought from the most reliable stores and certified stores. There are many diamond lovers who are constantly in search of the best diamond jewellery. If you are in search of the most attractive bridal diamond jewellery and jewellery for any other occasion, you are absolutely on the dot. We provide the most attractive diamond jewellery for all types of occasions.

What do we provide?

We know how much it is important to have fitting as well as most attractive jewellery for any occasion. Keeping that thing in mind, we provide you with all types of diamond jewellery which can be used on different occasions. Our store has loose diamonds as well. You choose it and we provide. One will also get loose diamonds Perth. You can even choose your diamond shape that you want. You can also choose the type of diamond you want. We are dedicated to providing diamonds of highest quality. Not only quality, our store has fully certified diamonds. Our store includes a pack of jewellery like bracelets, chains, earrings, necklaces, pendants and engagement rings. Quality is not the only thing that we keep in mind. It is well known that while buying something, pricing is one thing that remains in mind. So, we have also considered that factor. We provide you not just quality products; we provide you those products at the cheapest price possible at their level.

Other facilities you get

People often want have their jewellery designed their way. We do it for our customers. We do it the way you want it. Yes, if you want your jewellery to be designed and customized the way you want, it is absolutely possible. One can get such customized jewellery for our store. We are specialized in custom made diamonds and engagement rings. Not only that, we also provide you all these at wholesale price. What will be more beautiful than to have your own customized jewellery on an auspicious occasion? One can even go for engagement ring Perth for that matter.

Our customer service, reputation, quality of products, is second to none. With a pack of selected and certified diamonds, these products are sure to make oneEUR(TM)s occasion unforgettable. So, enjoy the special moments with the most valuable thing to make them even more special.


Get Engagement Ring According to Your Design

It is the wish of everyone that they should wear jewellery according to their taste and preference. Perth diamonds is the perfect location for you where you will avail the facility of loose diamonds along with jewellery at reasonable cost less than the market rate. Products offered by the company are best as it includes quality part which you will not come across anywhere.

Best features about the company

Some of the best features about the company are that:-

1. Trained technicians- This is an important part through which company can conduct the business. Trained technicians are hired by the firm so that they do their job in the perfect manner by providing complete finishing to the jewellery.

2. Affiliated with Mines- Company has an extensive network which is widely spread across the state where they are mostly affiliated with diamond mines along with the best cutters in the world.

3. Certified Jewellery- Diamond along with other jewellery provided by them is fully certified.

4. Customized services-You will be getting the facility of customized services where they can get the best chance to design their jewellery according to their budget and need.

5. Facility of free quotes- Facility of free quote is also provided where you can get the information of jewellery along with your budget planned. You can also have the better option to take the advice from their agents.

Helps you to Design Favourite Engagement Ring

If you want to design your favourite engagement ring then engagement ring Perth will help you by doing the work on your behalf. They are having an extensive range of diamonds along with its shapes which will allow you to select the diamond accordingly. Apart from that you will also be provided with complete list where you can see the specification of each diamond easily and go for the best one.

Supportive and Friendly staff

The staffs of the Perth diamonds are very supportive as they will create the friendly environment for the customers so that we cannot feel any hesitation while availing their services. Apart from buying they will also educate you about their special features of the diamond with clarity and colour part. Thus the services provided by the company in the areas of diamond are best as they will help you in different fields. You can get the benefits of loose diamonds whose rate is very reasonable as compared to market one.

More over you will also get the best option to design your ring according to your entire budget. The technicians will be working for you by devoting their valuable time so as to fulfil the customers need in the best manner. They will also suggest you with better option after hearing down the budget and requirement areas.

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